Last week we sent a message to everyone on the DGroup Administrators’ Announcement list.   It had 5015 email addresses subscribed.  You probably received a copy of the message.  If you did not see it, and if you are a leader, facilitator or administrator of a group hosted on DGroups, please go to and join this group so that you are sure to receive future important announcements.

We have been looking more closely at who are the Administrators of the current dgroups.  There appear to be 4187 of us.  This analysis does not yet take into account which groups are active or inactive.  Also casual observation suggests some people use more than one email address.

Those who are good at math will notice that there are 927 email addresses on the Adminstrators’ Announcement List who are not currently administrators of DGroups.   There were also 702 bounces from our message to that announcement list.  These are going to require further investigation.

Some facts you might find interesting… and things we need to know

90% of dgroups have between 1 and 5 Administrators.  There are 117 groups with no Administrator.  Around 1% of groups have more than 10 Administrators, with one group having 419 and another 288.  The next largest is 51 then 47, 46, 32, 30.  We are contacting the coordinators who support these groups with large numbers of Administrators to better understand what circumstances lead to such arrangements

79% of Administrators are responsible for only one dgroup, with 3% being responsible for 10 or more groups.  The largest number of groups administered by one person is 173.  There are five Administrators who are each responsible for more than 100 groups.  8 of the top 10 Administrators are also DGroups Coordinators, working for organisations which are members of the DGroups Partnership.

Peer Support Group

We also have four Administrators’ Peer Support Groups (administrators-en, -es, -fr, -pt).  They have a total of 1402 members, with some people being subscribed to two or more of the different language communities.  Not all of the email addresses on these groups are registered as Administrators, and there are many Administrators who are not on these groups.  Most members of the peer support groups are also members of the announcement list.

Further discussion among group leaders will also take place, in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, on the Administrators’ Peer Support Groups.  If you would like to join, please select from the following links and then click “join”

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