Simone, the first to give a comment, speaks for many of us: what will be different? Our aim with this blog is to introduce you gently to the changes and more importantly, to get your feedback on the things with the current platform that gave you trouble the most and what you liked the most. 

Here are a few notable changes you’ll see with Dgroups 2.0 platform; a short list for now, with more detailed blog posts to follow soon:

  • You can change your email address whenever you feel like!
  • Hierarchical groups – any group can have as many sub-groups as needed to support hierarchical nature of your collaboration.
  • Stronger focus on self-service – much more things to pass on to members and admins: invitation emails to let new members fill their own profiles; online requests for group creation …
  • Some terminology changes: creators will become coordinators to better reflect their role.
  • Great search engine with support for faceted filtering.
  • Tighter integration between email and web – in addition to mailing lists we’re used to, there are other things you can get email from and email to (and rss as well).
  • Full support and product management – we intend to provide first- and second-level support for everyone – depending on organization’s and coordinator’s policy, of course.
  • We’re aiming for 99.99% uptime.
  • Your data will move to Switzerland, to a secure hosting center approved by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission.

Our strategy for the migration is to keep your ability to do things the same as before and remove as many limitations as possible. Dgroups 2.0 is first about letting you conduct your Development through dialogue in a smooth manner and get technology out of the way as much as possible.

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