On February 13th, we ‘closed’ the original Dgroups installation hosted in Canada – switching to the new platform. By February 20th, all the data was fully migrated to Switzerland.

How many made the migration?

Our colleagues at WA research report: “As of today we have 122,187 users registered in 2,227 ‘active’ and 440 ‘archived’ Dgroups (however, some 17,707 of these do not seem to belong to any of the migrated groups, and we know that some email accounts are no longer active).

Every day we receive between 1,800 and 3,200 messages for dgroups.org, and send out between 50 and 90,000 to members.

So, despite a large cleanup of Dgroups late in 2008, the total graphs continue their generaly upward trend – this may change however after we further review and remove inactive email accounts.

[slideshare id=1132245&doc=dgroupsusersgroupsmar09-090311132801-phpapp01]

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