On 15 and 16 April, the members of the Dgroups partnership meet in the Netherlands.

The group last met in The Hague in January 2007. Since then, an elected executive committee has worked towards:

  • In 2007/2008: Moving the dgroups 1 platform out of IDRC (to IGLOO)
  •  In 2008-2009: Migration to a new platform and a new provider (WA Research)
  •  In 2008-2009: Establishment of a new Dgroups Foundation

On the agenda for the April 2009 meeting:

  1. the new platform, its usability, hosting, and support provisions
  2. priorities for further platform development and enhancements
  3. election to the Foundation Board, discharging the current executive committee
  4.  strategic directions for the coming years
  5. management, coordination, financing arrangements for the coming years

The meeting is organised by Euforic in its overall coordinationrole for the partnership. More information.

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