Earlier today, members of the Dgroups Partnership completed their meeting in The Hague. It was followed by a brief meeting of the new Board. For the first time, members could participate virtually in some parts of the discussions, opening a new chapter for Dgroups.

New Helvetas Board member Riff Fullan reflects on the discussions:

[youtube_video id=PxPfnT152Lc width=”445″ height=”280″]

Yesterday’s meeting was in plenary and provided an opportunity for participants to re-connect, to reflect on past progress (see Peter Ballantyne’s report), and to explore different future directions and priorities for Dgroups.

Today, participants broke into groups to discuss and set short-term priorities for issues clustered around ‘the partnership’ and ‘the platform.’

SDC’s Patrick Kalas reflects on the first day:

[youtube_video id=1zWlGB5lZCk width=”445″ height=”280″]

So, what are some of the things that Dgroups users expect to see in coming weeks and months?

  • more usability improvements on the platform;
  • a public directory of groups on the new platform
  • extension of Dgroups help and FAQ resources
  • plans for two Dgroups training and outreach workshops sponsored by ICCO

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