As agreed by the Dgroups Board, the 2010 Dgroups partners meeting will be held on line in the week beginning 29 November 2010. It will consist of a series of online conversations, through emails and other e-tools, where Dgroups members will have the opportunity to discuss and interact with each other, with the Board of the Foundation and the hosting technical platform, and address issues related to the Dgroups partnership and platform.

Being this a virtual meeting, we envisage a process that run across several days, with a combination of synchronous as well as asynchronous conversations supported by different electronic tools. In particular, we envisage the following process:

  1. by Thursday 25th November 2010, we will be circulating and make available through the DG-Partners list the different documents that will have to be approved and discussed;
  2. between Friday 26th and Tuesday 30th November Dgroups member will have the opportunity to comment and discuss on the documentation circulated through an email based discussion on the DG-Partners list;
  3. on Monday 29th (5pm to 6pm) and Tuesday 30th November (9am to 10am) the Dgroups members will be able to preview the new Dgroups platform in 2 live sessions of one hour each with Damir Simunic of WA-Research
  4. on Wednesday 1st (9am to 10am) and Thursday 2nd December (5pm to 6pm) there will be 2 live sessions of one hour each where the Dgroups members will have the chance to discuss with representatives of the Dgroups Board.

We’ll be using a series of different online tools. In particular, we’ll make use of the following:

  • DG-Partners dgroups for email based discussion
  • Dgroupshelp wiki for sharing of the documentations and collecting relevant feedback
  • Dgroups blog, to communicate and engage with a wider audience in the discussion
  • AT&T connect for the live sessions both on platform and partnership – details will follow

We welcome the participation of  representative of Dgroups members organisations, potential members and interested organisations and dgroups users.

Stay tuned here for further updates in the coming days!

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