During the 2011 Dgroups Partners meeting that took place in Rome on 27 September 2011, the partnership council nominated 3 new members to the Dgroups Partnership Board:

  • Giacomo Rambaldi, from CTA
  • Kristin Kolshus, from FAO
  • Neil Pakenham Walsh, on behalf of INASP
The three new members join Caroline Figuères (IICD, Chairman of the Dgroups Board), Rob Witte (ICCO, Dgroups Treasurer) and Hapee de Groot (Hivos) to form the Dgroups Board for the year to come. The first meeting of the new Board will take place early November 2011.
After the Partners meeting we had the opportunity to talk with one of the new Dgroups Board members. In the videos below, Giacomo Rambadi explains why his organisations has decided to take an active role in the Dgroups Foundation and which direction he sees for Dgroups in the coming period.

[youtube_video id=LC6UJSWbc7k width=”445″ height=”280″]

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