As of September 2011, the Dgroups partnership welcomes the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) as new Dgroups member.

RWSN is global knowledge network for rural water supply technologies and approaches. As it reads on their website:

RWSN focuses its work in specific areas where it believes it can make a significant contribution.
RWSN’s aims to:

  • Maximise impact of investment through application of cost-effective technologies
  • Reduce well drilling costs through improved drilling operations
  • Improve sustainability of supply chains
  • Mobilise additional resources, by supporting self-supply solutions at household level water supply facilities
  • Standardise handpumps with appropriate selection, procurement and simplified maintenance
  • Dissemination of Knowledge – equitable sharing of lessons learned, best practices and latest development in technologies
RWSN Secretariat is hosted by the Skat Foundation in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Contact person for Dgroups is Sean Furey.
Read more about Dgroups and its current members.

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