For many organizations, Dgroups remains an essential tool, both for internal communications as well as for information and knowledge sharing with and amongst partners. For example, for FARA Dgroups has been a key instrument to connect users working on agriculture and rural development in Africa. Likewise for CTA Dgroups provides a unique solution to the information and communication needs of the online groups and communities they facilitate.

There are many successful stories that can be sourced and discovered about the role that Dgroups has been playing to facilitate better development outcomes.

Earlier this year, 15 participants from the Dgroups membership and board met in Utrecht at ICCO premises for the Annual Partners Meeting. Most of the meeting was also made available online using AT&T Connect, to allow interested participants that could not travel to Utrecht to attend via virtual conferencing.

The Dgroups Board presented a review of 2013 activities and 2012 finances. Further, 3 high level priorities have been identified for 2014 and presented in a draft work plan for the year:

  1. Strengthening the partnership;

  2. Improving the platform;

  3. Improving Dgroups marketing and outreach.

On the basis of the feedback received and the discussion in the meeting, this action plan 2014 was approved by the Dgroups Board.

The full report of the Annual Partner meeting, including the presentation shared and the details of the discussion, can be found on the Dgroups wiki.

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