Dgroups is home of many groups and communities and several development practitioners have successfully used the Dgroups platform to support and enable their work.

With this blog – a re-post from Sarah Cummings’ original piece – we are starting to collect testimonials of how Dgroups has helped users in their work.

At the moment, there is a discussion on KM4Dev-l about which online communities offer the best functionalities: Dgroups, Ning, google groups etc. I have been biting my tongue and trying very hard NOT to intervene because I am a bit worried that I sound like an old gramophone record going on and on, although if you are under 20 years of age, you might not know what that is….

To me, it’s not only about the very best technologies and functionalities but also what we think development is about. I’m a great supporter of Dgroups – in fact, I joined the Dgroups Board this year because I think it is global public good, although I realise this may make me suspect – because I think it is really important that development organisations have a platform that they fund together, use in common, make available to others, based on a common vision: low bandwidth access, simple, private, e-mail based.

Read the full post on  Sarah’s blog.

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