With six new partners joining in 2014,  the Dgroups Partnership counts now 22 member organizations and it is stronger at the end of 2014 than at the beginning of the year.

The recently published Activities Report 2014 highlights the work areas around which the Dgroups Board focused its operation in 2014, and the results achieved.

In particular, the Dgroups Board fulfilled its responsibilities across nine work areas:

  • 1. Strengthen the Partnership;
  • 2. Platform improvement;
  • 3. Service reliability;
  • 4. Users’ support for optimum use of the platform;
  • 5. Engagement with current partners;
  • 6. Marketing and outreach;
  • 7. Governance and administration;
  • 8. Finance;
  • 9. Monitoring and evaluation.

Download the Activities Report 2014 and read about specific objectives for each work area and results achieved.

We welcome organizations that share our vision to join Dgroups and help us strengthen the Dgroups Partnership.

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