After the first Dgroups Communities webinar held last month, this week we organized the second event in this series of three online webinars. The theme for this session was how to develop and support an online community.

Facilitated by Lucie Lamoureux (KM4D Associates) the session was designed around three presentation blocks of about 12 minutes, each followed by a 15 minutes interaction and discussion for participants to ask questions and contribute their experience.

In her presentation, Lucie brought participants to reflect to the main community challenges and enablers; the strategic drivers and applications for online communities; and the importance of facilitation and what the main tasks of an online facilitator are.

Developing and supporting your dgroup from Dgroups Foundation

Lucie also shared some useful resources and reference that can be used to plan the design of a new online community, or the re-launch of a dormant one. Some of these resource include:

If you have missed this webinar, you can access the webinar recording or download the slides we used in the session.

The third and last webinar in the series will take place in May 2015 and will focus on Supporting and troubleshooting your online community.  Registrations will open soon.

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