In November 2022 the Dgroups Foundation started to work with UN-REDD to help incubate and support a dedicated community space discussing forest solutions to the climate crisis.

“UN-REDD is the flagship UN knowledge and advisory partnership on forests and climate to reduce forest emissions and enhance forest carbon stocks. It is the largest international provider of REDD+ assistance, supporting its 65 partner countries to protect their forests and achieve their climate and sustainable development goals.”

Specifically, the Foundation provided the setup, coaching and ongoing support for the UN-REDD Finance group – a managed community of practice, providing space for discussion on financing forest climate solutions. The launch of this community of practice coincided with the UN-REDD country dialogue: Strategic finance pathways for forest solutions (Rome, 28-29 November). This community is open to REDD+ country government representatives and REDD+ practitioners with specific knowledge and professional roles on REDD+ finance pathways. 

In 2023, the project will continue with the creation, initial onboarding and support of two additional communities, as well as moderators group coaching and backstopping, and user briefing sessions.

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