The Dgroups Foundation board will continue to fulfill its responsibilities across nine work areas:

  1. 1. Strengthening the Partnership
  2. 2. Platform improvement
  3. 3. Service reliability
  4. 4. Users’ support for optimum use of the platform
  5. 5. Engagement with current partners
  6. 6. Marketing and outreach
  7. 7. Governance and administration
  8. 8. Finance
  9. 9. Monitoring and evaluation

1. Strengthening the Partnership – Lead: Neil

1.1 Launch the Dgroups Directory.


2. Platform improvement – Lead: Saskia Harmsen

2.1 Maintain facilitation of [redesign].

2.2 Maintain spreadsheet on functionality issues.

2.3 Get the search function working.

2.4 Prepare guidance on API for partners.

3. Service reliability – Lead: Hapee de Groot

3.1 Maintain service reliability at or very near to 100%.

4. Users’ support for optimum use of the platform – Lead: Pier Andrea Pirani

4.1 Develop and provide at least one Dgroups educational video.

5. Engagement with current partners – Lead: Pier Andrea Pirani

5.1 Continue to have 1-to-1 communications with Dgroups Partners (at least twice a year).

5.2 Develop and implement a survey and interview series to assess views of Partners with regards to Dgroups and future development of the Partnership.

6. Marketing and outreach – Lead: Benjamin Abugri

6.1 Encourage all Dgroups Partners to include the Dgroups logo on their websites.

6.2 Promote and provide support for at least one presentation on Dgroups at a physical conference and at least one presentation on Dgroups at a web conference.

6.3 Prepare a 30-second “microphone pitch”.

6.4 Market Dgroups to French audience.

7. Governance and administration – Lead: Neil Pakenham-Walsh

7.1 Seek further opportunities to further strengthen the Dgroups Board, including gender and geographical balance. (ongoing).

8. Finance – Lead: Krishan Bheenick

8.1 Prevent cash flow issues, due to members not paying the contributions on time. To prevent this, invoices will be sent in Q2 2017.

8.2 Target to have at least 18 Full Partners and 10 Associate Partners by end of 2017 to consolidate Dgroups finances.

9. Monitoring and evaluation – Lead: Sean Furey

9.1 Improve availability and usefulness of statistics relating to Dgroups overall and to individual Dgroups.

9.2 Develop 3 case studies (relating to Dgroups partners) to demonstrate benefits of membership of Dgroups.

9.3 Share at least one example of a Dgroups user survey and results, which may be adapted for use by other Dgroups.