We help make development communities, their knowledge and expertise accessible

Where and who are the people, expertise and communities I can join and partner with? How can I attract people to join my group?

The Foundation and its partners make online communities, knowledge and expertise more visible and accessible.

Making online communities and groups discoverable can help both people looking for conversations and communities looking to engage more people. Specific activities we
provide include:

Community connector – maintaining a register of online groups and communities active in the development and humanitarian spaces. This helps people find relevant groups; it also
helps the groups of our partners to be found. Free for partners.

Community information and exchange – facilitating sharing, communication and collaboration across partners and their groups. Tools and services we facilitate include:
partners group, moderators group, dgroups.info blog, annual partner dialogue event, events calendar, relevant dialogues. Free for partners.

Community identities – partners may use consistent internet domains that make them and
their activities more visible. Available domains include: dgroups.io, Dgroups.net, Dgroups.info. Optional, free for partners.