The Dgroups Board is a group of volunteers mandated by the Dgroups Foundation to lead the Partners in the progressive realization of our Vision:

The Dgroups Foundation is an international development partnership that brings together the best choice of tools, support and experience to engage and collaborate effectively online.

Current members of the Dgroups Board are:

  • Peter Ballantyne, Chair
  • Jorge Chavez-Tafur, Secretary
  • Krishan Bheenick, Treasurer
  • Saskia Harmsen
  • Nawsheen Hosenally

Previous Board members

  • Benjamin Abugri (FARA)
  • Adrian Bannister (IDS)
  • Maarten Boers (ICCO)
  • Sarah Cummings (Independent)
  • Hapee de Groot (Independent)
  • Dady Demby (FARA)
  • Caroline Figuères (IICD)
  • Riff Fullan (Helvetas)
  • Sean Furey (RWSN)
  • Kristin Kolshus (FAO)
  • Antoinette Kome (SNV)
  • Paul Maassen (Hivos)
  • Neil Pakenham-Walsh (on behalf of INASP)
  • Giacomo Rambaldi (CTA)
  • Maragrita Salas (Sula Batsu)
  • Karima Wardak (UNCDF)
  • Rob Witte