After the one held last November, on 16 April 2013 the Dgroups Foundation hosted a second Online Peer Exchange.  Two Dgroups Partners, the FAO and the Swiss Development cooperation, presented their experience in using Dgroups effectively to support communications, knowledge sharing and learning in their work.

The slides are available online at Slideshare and below here.

Kristin Kolshus and Julien Custot presented how Dgroups is used at large at FAO and shared the specific case of the Food for the cities Dgroup.

FAO & Dgroups from Dgroups Foundation

In the second presentation, Carmen Eckter and Carsten Schulz shared how SDC is using Dgroups, and focused on the specific case of the Private Sector Development discussion group.

SDC & Dgroups from Dgroups Foundation

A short report of the meeting and the recordings of the presentations are also available on this blog and on the YouTube Channel of the Dgroups Foundation.

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