2023 Dgroups partners-meeting

A use case for online support and interaction around events

As part of a virtual discussion around online collaboration use cases, the Dgroups Foundation recently organized a ‘peer assist’ session to explore ways to maximize the use of online group features to support face-to-face and other events. Jessica Ball brought the questions. She works as part of the KM Team in the UN-REDD programme. Last …

2023 Dgroups partners-meeting

Exploring use cases for online communities and groups

While development and humanitarian organizations tend to use similar online tools and platforms to collaborate, we tend to use them in different ways and for different purposes.  Exploring and sharing tips from these different uses was the focus of a recent Dgroups Foundation online partner experience exchange. The experience-sharing session on 24 February 2023 drew …

Menti results - Positive experiences - Youth in dialogues online event August 2022

Online dialogue with and for the next generation – ten suggestions for more effective engagement

by Jessica Ball and Pier Andrea Pirani Development and humanitarian organisations increasingly want to include and act upon young people’s voices, opinions, and insights. The past five years have seen a blossoming of youth activist movements across the globe, leading to the amplification of youth voices working across the intersections of climate, environment, and social …

Digital Agri Hub Asia launch event

Supporting virtual meetings – The Digital Agri Hub regional launch events

Between January and April, we collaborated with the Digital Agri Hub to support three regional launch events – in Spanish for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), in French for the Africa Francophone regions, and in English for Asia. In total, over 1630 participants registered for these events and 712 joined online. These events shared …

Launching DigitalAgriHub in the francophone regions 24 Feb 2022

Regional launch of the Digital Agri Hub for Francophone regions

On 24 February, join us for the Digital Agri Hub regional launch event for the francophone regions. Register now! The event will explore the status and potential for scaling digitalization for agriculture (D4Ag) solutions in low and middle-income countries where the market is relatively weak compared to the role of public actors.

Km4Dev Knowledge Cafe - Menti results - Online collacboration

Online interaction in international development: Capitalizing on lessons from an e-conference

Discussions in the recent Foundation-convened e-conference flagged five priority topics essential to effective online dialogue and interaction: Enhancing #participation and #engagement Nurturing effective #COPs Using appropriate #platforms #Learning through e-collaboration #Sustaining engagement through time On 24 September, the Dgroups Foundation facilitated an online meeting to discuss whether these are indeed ‘the’ critical issues and ways …

KM4Dev 20 Anniversary Banner

Online collaboration, dialogue and interaction – Dgroups Foundation convenes exchange at the KM4Dev July 2020 event

This year, the KM4Dev community of practice marks 20 years of active engagement, sharing, and learning.  The process kicks off with a 10-session virtual extravaganza on 2 and 3 July, 2020.  It is an exciting, diverse program put together by groups of enthusiastic volunteers. Kudos to them all! On 3 July (1300-1430 CEST), the Dgroups Foundation is …