Last year saw the Dgroups Foundation expand its activities, with new projects and events as well as new partners and collaborators.

Below we introduce some of the initiatives we worked on in 2022.

Dgroups Foundation Year in Review 2022

Projects and events

  • Digital Agri Hub launch events – Early last year, we supported the design, hosting and facilitation of three regional Digital Agri Hub launch events – in Spanish for Latin America, in French for the Africa Francophone regions, and English for Asia.
  • CGIAR Gender – Between July and August, we helped the CGIAR GENDER impact platform set up a new ‘gender’ space with options to run several community discussions. 
  • Youth in dialoguesOn 11 August, we convened an online event on “youth in dialogues”. The aim of the event was to bring together experiences where dialogue and other processes have explicitly worked with youth or tried to amplify their voices on development and humanitarian issues.
  • Community Connector –  We continue to update our list of online community spaces relevant to our partners and collaborators. Explore opportunities to interact. 

New partners

Six organisations have joined the Dgroups Partnership over the past few months:

  • The Digital Agri Hub “monitors innovative digital agricultural solutions and provides data, insights and impact metrics to help guide investments towards agricultural transformation in low- and middle-income countries.” Besides the support provided in 2022 for its regional launch events, the Foundation is hosting the Digital Agri Hub online communities in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Jameel Observatory for Food Security Early Action, an international partnership led by the University of Edinburgh collaborating with the International Livestock Research Institute(ILRI), Save the Children, the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) and Community Jameel. We are supporting the Observatory in the setup of an online community space. This platform is designed to support information exchange among community of practice members, to discuss different areas of interest as well as to share announcements, events, research ideas or collaboration opportunities.
  • Caritas Africa, one of the seven regions of Caritas Internationalis, that brings together 46 national Caritas in sub-Saharan Africa. We are collaborating with Caritas Africa to strengthen communication and collaboration within their knowledge management network.
  • The Fair Digital Finance Accelerator (FDFA), a three-year consumer advocacy project hosted by Consumers International. The Foundation is working with FDFA to help them set up an online community of consumer associations in Low- and Middle-Income countries and a platform for collaborative action, learning and collective influence on digital finance to shape the future for consumers. 
  • UN-REDD, the flagship UN knowledge and advisory partnership on forests and climate to reduce forest emissions and enhance forest carbon stocks. The Foundation provided the setup, coaching and ongoing support for the UN-REDD Finance group – a managed community of practice, providing space for discussion on financing forest climate solutions. In 2023, the project will continue with the creation, initial onboarding and support of two additional communities, as well as moderators group coaching and backstopping, and user briefing sessions.
  • Agribusiness TV uses videos as a promotion tool to (re)valorise agriculture and make the sector more attractive to youth by showcasing success stories of young agricultural entrepreneurs and their innovations in Africa. The Foundation is supporting the incubation of an online community of agripreneurs convened by Agribusiness TV.

As usual, we are keen to collaborate on joint projects and outreach using online tools and approaches where the Foundation’s networks can add value. Let us know of any ideas you might like to explore further or discuss. 

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