The third Dgroups Online Peer Exchange session took place last Monday 15 July 2013.

For this session, we had the pleasure to have as speaker Angela Nash-Mercado from Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programme and K4Health, who presented the Knowledge Gateway. This platform is running on the same technology that powers Dgroups and that is developed and supported by WA Research. The session was a useful occasion to compare notes and see how different initiatives are using the same technological solution.

IBP Knowledge Gateway – Share, exchange, transfer and apply knowledge from Dgroups Foundation

The second presentation by Neil Pakenham-Walsh (Global Healthcare Information Network and Chairman of the Dgroups Foundation) looked at how Dgroups is used by HIFA2015, a global campaign and community of purpose striving for Healthcare Information For All by 2015.

HIFA2015: How we use Dgroups from Dgroups Foundation

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